Monday, December 07, 2009


Well, sadly I forgot to mention a couple things in my Sunday post from yesterday. After Nate's nap we couldn't decide what to do, and Gwen was uncooperative, so I suggested we clean out their room. Eric and I went in there with a trash bag and removed baby toys, toys they don't touch and books. We actually probably pulled 2 garbage bags worth of stuff out of there. Nate has a tendency to tear books, so we have to figure out what to do about that. I have started throwing some of those books away, since he is tearing them beyond repair, in my opinion. We now have only 1 "cube" that has toys in it and a half filled toy box! AWESOME. I kind of wish Christmas wasn't coming, because I think this will make our lives a lot easier and now they have 1/3 the toys they used to have in there, which looking at it, seems to be a more reasonable number. Now if we could just get Gwen to get rid of some of her "babies" (stuffed animals and dolls) we would be in much better shape, because her "babies" bassinet is overflowing.
I also attempted peppermint bark. We LOVE the stuff from W-S. But we've always thought it was too expensive and I have been wanting a recipe to make it at home. The recipe I made yesterday was a fail! :( It mostly tastes like chocolate, the ratio seems off and well, it is just not right. I am just going to have to try again... Find a different recipe, I don't know. Don't get me wrong, it is edible, that's not the problem, the problem is too much chocolate, not enough peppermint.
I've also realized it is time to make candy, we have our last music class next week and I'd like to make candy to take to the class. So I've got to get on that. I also had a chat with our neighbor the cop and his wife. Man are they nice people, they are definitely getting some of our candy! He gave me the low-down on the high-speed chase and the catching of the criminals! He told me I could come over any time I had a question or problem and he will let me know what is going on. (Since I said I wanted to come over and find out what happened but had seen it on the news and so I didn't need to know). I am glad that conversation is over with, now I won't feel so weird going over and finding out stuff about police activity. It was funny though, because he didn't realize that it was Eric he saw on the trail, it was, after all a rather unusual coincidence!

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Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, can you come to my house and help clear out toys? I have a TERRIBLE time with it.

My one child has soooo so many toys. He remembers everything and asks about it if I get rid of it. So I never know what to get rid of. Some day I will sort through everything thoroughly. I must! We have Christmas, then his birthday just over two months after that. It's torture for me.