Saturday, December 05, 2009


Today was a rather busy day for us...despite the rain, we decided to go for a run. It is a little chilly here and it is possible we should have brought more clothes/brought gloves or something. But whatever, no one seems the worse for the wear. I like these Sat runs, I don't have to push the stroller, which is AWESOME! This run was filled with high adrenaline craziness. It all happened 3/4 of the way through our run, Eric had paused to take care of the kids and I hear some sirens...I can see the road from the trail and I see this car that was sliding across the road and I hear a crash. (by now I had stopped running and was just staring) I yell to Eric, who apparently can't hear me, as I see some police cars pull up and all of a sudden between us runs a man followed by 2 policemen, 1 of whom Eric says is our neighbor! Eric catches up to me and we just stand there staring as we see more police cars pull up and then we see 4 or 5 cops and a canine come onto the trail. We also see a runner get turned around by the cops. They asked him to turn around he tells us. The rest of the day we have wondered what was going on, I thought I was going to have to bang on the neighbor's door and find out what was going on, but then I finally found the news article...if you click on the word article, it shows a picture of the car wrapped around the tree! I have to say, I am thankful that guy lives here, he is a pretty nice guy, we've talked to him a couple times he's a newlywed. We also found out that when I talked about being awakened by the police lights, here, that the neighbors actually had a break-in and the police neighbor came out in his uniform to go to work and saw some strange guy standing in his neighbor's yard going through a purse and he apparently chased after the guy. I don't think he caught him, but still, I'm thinking I am going to have to make that man some Christmas candy and take it over there, because he definitely deserves some treats!
We then braved the crowds at Toys R US and learning express. I have to say I am rather disappointed with the gifts for Nate. I would really like to get Nate some kind of push toy, he really likes the little shopping cart we have (that is not really for kids) and Gwen's stroller. There are huge markets of toys for the 3+ girl crowd, I can't even decide what to get her, there are so many options! But, I am going to head out to the store, we are going to celebrate St. Nick's day this year, a day late, but whatever. They don't know the difference!

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