Monday, November 23, 2009

Parade slideshow

Because we took way too many pictures, I am going the slide route yet again! I hope you enjoy all our pictures.

In other news, this morning I was awoken by some strange flashing lights. I looked out the window and there were 3 cop cars at one of the neighbors house. I don't know why and I have heard that is not the first time cops were at their house. But really at 6 in the morning for like 30-45 min! Makes me wonder.
I also forgot to mention, the other night we put Gwen to bed Eric dressed her in her sleep clothes, she got up and she was in pink tights, a shirt, and Nate's sweatshirt! She is a rather crazy kid.
We are gearing up to take the pictures of the kids for Christmas, but as you've noticed Nate has that scratch on his nose, that was starting to heal and now he keeps scratching it, I guess it itches but I don't know what to do to keep him from scratching it. And say if he was my first child (and a girl) I would likely cancel pictures or buy make-up, but he's a boy and he you know he's always going to have scrapes, should I just get used to it. Because it is likely I could have a senior picture that was redone in a way that I am still not happy with...that is a post about my Dad for another day.

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