Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, long about Sunday I had a grand idea, why not do homemade Thanksgiving cards, everyone loves homemade cards, don't they? Well tough, that's what you are getting this year, if your lucky. So, while Eric was beautifying the house, I tried to get the kids to make these "cards". I had the kids put their hands out neither really wanted to co-operate, but finally Gwen let me do it and Eric came in to see what was going on and put down Nate's hand & I traced quickly.

I then ran to the copy machine made copies and I had both kids color on the them. On a side note, every time you say color, Nate runs to the guest bedroom and sits at the table all while yelling "color, color". So cute, he gets the hang of it now, kind of, I mean he still eats it all, but whatever. The only thing I didn't consider is that they wouldn't want to do like 7 of these things at a time...oops, so we did like 3 and sent those out on Monday. I left the unfinished copies in the bedroom for Gwen to work on "when she felt like it" and she did color on them over the next day or so. Now, Nate I had to bring him back in later and direct him to color, which he obliged. I did find this in the bedroom when I went in to check on Gwen's progress:

look, she made her own. And, I think you can tell looking at that picture, Gwen is definitely a lefty, she traced her right hand instead of her left.
We are on our way to Jess and fam for Thanksgiving. Sadly I am taking my terrible looking pie (I hope it tastes good!) and cranbake. I know the cranbake will be good. I hope the kids make it threw the day, I am rather nervous about having them at some one's house that hasn't been baby proofed in like 4 years (have I mentioned the stairs)! Plus the kids won't be on schedule, let's hope they aren't too crazy tomorrow. We hope that you all have a very happy and fun-filled turkey day. Eat lots of turkey and fixin', if you enjoy that kind of thing!

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