Sunday, November 29, 2009

November 29th!

Is anyone else happy that this month only has 30 days? No, huh...I guess that means that we are that much closer to Christmas. I guess I should pay more attention to that. Christmas is coming! Today we had another pretty good day. There were 5 Baptisms this morning at Church. I seem to have gotten used to "facing the East and facing the West" thing. The nice thing is that they allow all the little kids go up to the Baptismal font and watch up close, Gwen LOVES to do that, she lives for that. Today they had the older brother of one of the kids hold the baby in the font, so sweet. In this Church they don't have ushers, at the offertory every other row gets a basket and the person at end of the second row brings up the basket. This morning Gwen brought up the basket. She brought it right up knew exactly what to do. I guess they do learn things and understand things. I think the thing I am concerned most about is that she is going to forget where we are sitting and freak out. But, she is totally cool, always remembers where we are sitting and doesn't appear to be concerned.
Since it was a warm day today, we decided to go for a bike ride on the ATT. We live about a mile from the trail, Eric uses it for his commute. We decided to go the opposite way of his commute, towards Durham. It was late in the afternoon (after Nate's nap) and we decided to turn around when we seemed to hit the projects, or really an area that I wouldn't want to be in by myself after dark. Gwen napped during our bike ride. I had packed some snacks for the kids, just 1 snack cup per kid and since Gwen fell asleep, Nate decided to eat all of her snacks. He just leaned over and took them. Then he tried to return the snack cup to her, he is so mischievous. I don't know that Gwen will know what hit her as he gets older. It was a nice afternoon. The Gwen that we dealt with after her cat nap is the Gwen I wish we had every afternoon. The nap took the edge off, that was awesome!

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