Monday, November 30, 2009

November 30th!

It has been a rather challenging day for me. It seemed to have started off not on the right foot; not on the wrong foot either, but maybe just the left foot. (hehe) I spent a good portion of my quiet time, actually all of my quiet time on the phone trying to figure out dental insurance, and Why NC is such a pain in the butt! Seriously, the entire state of ped dentists have decided not to file insurance. But my insurance won't tell me how much they'll pay, and since we have all dealt with insurance companies before we all know, they don't pay 100%, even though they say they do. I mean it is really clever of the ped dentists not to file and to decide as a group not to file, but is screws people like us, people who have insurance and paid the insurance and don't want to pay and then be reimbursed. Fortunately I was reminded that Gwen is of the age that regular dentists will take and our dentist is a "family" practice. So YAY! She's going on Wed. Now I guess we just won't take Nate to the dentist. I was told by the insurance company that if I could get the ped dentist to send a pretreatment estimate they would let me know how much I would have to pay. Then I called the ped dentist and they told me they don't do that, so I got the codes and then called back the insurance company to find out the info and the claims people don't have access to that information and the lady couldn't really help me, SERIOUSLY? I mean they can't just tell me what the average costs are if I have the codes, I should think someone could help me. Anyhoo, maybe I will just call again tomorrow. Apparently if I could get the pretreatment estimate I could find out what the average cost is for ped dentists around here. Although, I guess I could just do that myself! I am half debating just taking Nate to a ped dentist 1 a year and then when he turns 3 taking him to the regular dentist, I mean we pay for his insurance anyway and since he is only 1 it is not like they do much and sometimes don't even get through a whole appointment. But, we'll see, one of the ped dentist offices are going to call me back after the office manager is back to let me know if they can help me in any way. If they can, then I will likely take Nate there at least once.
When speaking to the hubby the other night, or maybe even listening while he was talking to his Momma, I found out more about Gwen's Santa letter. I had noticed that he had drawn pictures of what she wanted and at the time I didn't think anything about it, until he mentioned it, apparently she asked him to draw the pictures. Pretty smart girl, I think, I mean it is a good way to make sure Daddy is writing down exactly what you say, if you can't read!
I don't have anything else to say, I have got to get back to "work". With my Christmas cards that I ordered, for signing up with a new account I get 100 free prints. It doesn't say how long the prints are free for, but I don't want to pass up this opportunity, so I have been going through the pictures I have already ordered for Nate's scrapbook and trying to get everything together. It is hard to do when you haven't started, I only have 20 or so pictures left on my order, so I hope to finish that up tonight! I foresee a lot of scrapbooking in my future! That is good though, I have time most evenings to get stuff done!
I hope you have enjoyed this month of blogging. I can already tell you tomorrow I won't likely be blogging tomorrow, i have a sorely needed hair appointment in the evening and I might sneak in some Christmas shopping after that, you never know how I might feel with a new haircut and out of the house on my own!


Mommy Daisy said...

Congrats! You made it!

Melanie said...

Thanks! I am glad its over, sorry you didn't make it.