Thursday, November 19, 2009


We are having a relatively good day around here, despite the congestion that has appeared. We don't have any other symptoms but congestion, I got mine first, I think and then Nate and lastly Gwen. I have to say Nate is super cute, every time I blow my nose or Gwen's he also has to "blow" (his nose). I am sure that is not very hygienic, but whatever, we all have the same thing anyways. Nate's vocabulary is really improving. Some words can confuse, but he probably has close to 50 words now, and he'll try to say anything, I have been working on different fruit with him because he likes to call everything in the fruit bowl "apple" which is really annoying to me, because pears are not apples, but I guess he gets confused because we have green and red apples in our bowl. We also have a new fruit addition to our family, the pomegranate. Approved by 3 of the 4 members of our family (only disliked by Gwen). So if you are keeping track at home, Nate eats-salmon, pomegranate, CHEESE, bread, cereal, grapes, rice. He will occasionally eat corn, apples, pear, and banana-he is rather picky about bananas, the ripeness affects his decision there! I have faith that this is a phase and he will eventually eat more food, Gwen is slowly starting to eat dinner with us-I am hoping by the time they are 20 I won't be having these problems, of course by then I hopefully won't be making them dinner because they've gone away to college!
I think we are finally settling into the lifestyle of our choosing. We knew going into this there were going to be cutbacks and I think we are doing well. We are sticking to our budget and despite some random things we didn't account for we are not at a high level of stress about money (or lack thereof); if we were, I would be looking for a job. We have found we don't really miss the things we cut out and we are wondering where our money went to before.
Gwen is, well getting to be a big girl. She completely dresses herself in the morning. I think she would also like to brush her teeth, but I still brush after her, she is cute trying to brush. She can talk your ear off and she has started talking to random people, strangers really. She'll tell them anything. We were at the play area in the mall and this guy walks up to his wife (who was a friend of the person I was with) and said this little girl (Gwen) just told him "Nate is my brother, he's a boy, he doesn't wear dresses, only shirts, I wear dresses." He didn't know I was her mother! I don't know where she gets this stuff! We have good days and bad days with her; days she can listen and days she can't. I would like her to understand that I am not kidding, when I tell her to help me clean her room, it is not up for debate. But, she gets to the super tired point and starts to cling and hang on me and WHINES instantly! And, she can be bossy, telling us what to do. I think she is going to start to become more helpful and sweet, as her brother becomes more challenging and sweet.

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