Monday, November 09, 2009

Memories Monday

We had a very fun and long day yesterday, well, not really long for us, but I think for the kids it was long, but more on that later, when I download the pictures. So today, we are going to look at pictures from September, Grandmom's visit. This is from our visit to the Museum of Natural Sciences. We love that museum, its free and lots of big stuff to look at, we've been there a lot, (I would say 3 times since we moved here would be a lot, don't you think?)
Here are Grandmom & Gwen looking at the a snake in the butterfly exhibit, well, it was in a cage!
Nate, in the butterfly case! HI!
Nate and Daddy in the dinosaur exhibit. Nate liked this exhibit, we completely missed it the first time.
Gwen listening to something, I don't know what, I guess I should check that stuff out, but I am hoping the content isn't too much for a 3 year old...
Grandmom decided Gwen MUST ride the horse and cart, here she is checking with Gwen to see if she was ok with taking the ride by herself.
For the record, Gwen was fine with the ride, she told Grandmom she was like a princess riding on her pony.
While Gwen was on her ride, Nate made himself at home...seriously just copped a squat.
Still riding
Outside the museum Gwen and Daddy check out the big bell out front, a replica of the Liberty bell...
Nate checking out the bell
Nate checking out underneath, I love the squat they do when they are Nate's age.
I totally stole this idea from Beth.

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