Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day

This week maybe I have been a little stressed. Eric's birthday is tomorrow and I have been secretly working on some stuff for him, most of which Gwen knows about, sadly. Why do I say sadly, because the kid is 3 and can't keep a secret. Fortunately, she hasn't spilled all the beans on everything we've worked on. But conveniently for me she spilled the beans on this: I think she would have kept the quiet on the quilt, except that someone decided to surprise us and come home early and not give us a call. So, Gwen says "Daddy, Mommy has been working secretly on your quilt, see its over there." Which I guess is good because I was able to finish it in peace, see I have been working on it during naps and I wasn't finished, I had to attach the bottom row and like 3 tshirts on the 4th row. Hopefully now that it is done, I will be less stressed about finishing the top and hopefully this means Gwen will be less crazy, but you never know.
We are currently under lots and lots of rain. We are surviving just fine, but sadly I had to go to the grocery store and we got really wet. The kids didn't care, and I really didn't, but some of the groceries won't be the same. To counteract the rains we have some pictures from before Halloween, we had some beautiful evenings so we decided to eat in the back, (well really the side) and we thought to document the fabulousness of eating outside.

Oh and thanks to our Veterans for serving in the military!

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