Monday, November 02, 2009


We have been busy today, it is Monday, I always feel busy on a Monday. I have much to do on Mondays. Pick up the house, vacuum, laundry. I don't know how all this ended up on Monday, but it has. I still have much to do tonight, but first I have to get this post done, don't you know! The problem with this new house is that the doors are very easy for a child to get in and out of, especially for my children. Nate is getting to be quite proficient at it. The doors must be locked now at all times, and sadly he is very quick. He has seen us lock and unlock the door and he is trying to do it. I think we will have to purchase some safety locks for these doors rather soon. Fortunately he is not old enough to unlock the deadbolt, but his sister is as they make a rather mischievous team! See, he can get in and out.
It is quite the fun game for him.

He becomes less and less of a baby everyday and more a little boy!

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