Tuesday, November 03, 2009

On Tuesday

Today is one of those days that I think it would be best if I just go back to bed, but not because it is terrible, but because I think if I knew the mistakes I was making, at the time the day would be a lot smoother and I wouldn't be so exhausted! I have finally gotten back in touch with my running buddy. I am rather a nervous person about new people, what if she didn't like me and that is why she hasn't gotten back in touch with me. See, she had gone out of town for a while and said when she got back she would contact me, and well she didn't. At first I didn't think anything about it, because for a while I forgot, but recently I thought, huh, she should be back by now, so I emailed her. And, guess what, she doesn't hate me! She just hurt her toe, got busy and forgot...so we met this morning to run. I had grand plans, well not really grand plans, but plans nonetheless, I was going to return my rented movie and go to the grocery store. One thing I forget about my running buddy, she is an actual runner, so she pushes me to run longer than I expected, not longer necessarily spurts, but longer overall, today we ran/walked for 1 hour! I totally only expected 30-40 minutes. But, it will be good because she is cool running at a slower pace and hopefully with her help I will be running at least a 5K. In my head, I don't think I actually worked out how much time I need for each "activity" running/kids playing at park, movie returning/grocery shopping. I should have considered the time for each activity, so I knew when to leave the park with the kids, oh well, next time! After leaving the park too late, I went to return the movie, thankful my husband has trained me to check those return things before I return it, because I would have returned an empty box! So, then it was time to go to the grocery store and it was already pushing 11:45, I KNEW I should have gone home and restarted the chores later, but I was already out, so I went ahead. I seemed to circle the grocery store looking for one thing or another and then as soon as I walked out of the doors I realized that the MAIN INGREDIENT for tonight's dinner was still sitting on the grocery store shelf! Crap! So, what do you do in these situations, or don't you have those? I took the kids to the car, unloaded the groceries, went back into the store and got it, then left. By this time it was 1p by the time we got home and no one had had lunch! But at least now we are home have ALL the groceries we need for the week, so help me, I am NOT going back to the grocery store...Now it is time for a napshower, and FYI-nothing else is going to get done today, I'm pooped!
In other news, I found these pictures to post of my little helpers! Here are Eric and the kids working on the neighbor's gate.

Ok, not so much as helpful, but cute. I am hoping in the near future they will be more helpful and less in the way, but I can't make any promises!

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