Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday, again!

I think yesterday was a Happy day for the hubby. We were able to keep some secrets from him. I made these, they weren't near as pretty, (I had a 3 yr old helper), and I didn't use red velvet cake, but I think they are good. We also had his favorite meal (I called his Mom and got the recipe), made his favorite appetizer, AND we went shopping without the kids. Our very sweet neighbor came over and watched the kids (she called it a vacation, because she has 6 kids!).
The kids and I are spending the day at home today. We had a morning filled with random accidents, all involving Nate, come to think of it. He was "playing" the piano, and fell off the piano bench. Nothing major was hurt, just his pride! I was watching him from the kitchen and it all happened in slow motion, so crazy, but he just landed on his butt! Then, to make matters worse, he climbed up on the hubby's chair and took a big sip of Daddy's coffee. Then he started screaming! Fortunately it had cooled off and wasn't straight out of the pot, and I hope Nate has learned his lesson. His skin turned bright red, but no blisters, YAY! I am going to go ahead and predict he is going to have us in the ER by the time he is 2!
Gwen appears to be having a pretty good day today, I had to give her some special attention because she was stealing toys from her brother, she has claimed everything as hers and I have to "gently" remind her that not everything is HERS!
A week or 2 ago I took out all the kids "big" toys that they never play with, and they haven't noticed. I took out the little people stuff, weeble wobbles and I think next to go is the pop onz. The kids just don't have any interest in that big kind of stuff. Nate was making me chuckle this morning because he was taking his bus and running it over my arm going "vroom" then he was running it over one of the stuffed animals. We need to start cleaning this stuff out before Christmas, plus the kids don't play with it so it is just clutter. And Lord knows this house can't handle clutter! Now that I am done with Eric's secret projects I can start keeping this house clean again, I was spending all my cleaning time working on his project and just straightening up a little, but not much. I wonder how anyone with kids so young keep up with anything. The problem is things get used up so quickly, and then in the old house I used to have the "cave" that I could put stash stuff easily until I had enough to start another bin or do big organizing sessions a LOT easier when you don't have to worry about a 3 & 1 year old finding the stuff. So, I am going to have to figure out how to do that, clutter makes me feel claustrophobic and lazy. It ends up being a negative downward spiral for me and then I hit bottom and start cleaning again. Also Nate gets into EVERYTHING! I also now have to keep the laptops up because he picks them up and puts them on the floor, and since I have never seen him do it, I can only assume that he is not gently placing them on the floor, so our toddler proofing has reached a new height requirement. I would like to think EVENTUALLY he will learn to stop touching and doing, but he is using negative attention right now to get the attention he needs, gotta figure out how to stop that! But, I am off to catch up on house work and de-cluttering. Ciao!

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