Sunday, November 22, 2009


I almost forgot to post today! We have been busy, I guess. Church, working on the house. Big things. Ok, not so big things, just things. I have finally found a Church, have I mentioned that? Well, I joined one. Yay me! On the house, we finally hid the cords that were in the living. Not all of them, but the ones we can see when we are watching TV. I bought the cord hider thingy soon after we moved here and we just got all the necessary things to complete the task YAY! It looks so nice, the hubby did a nice job. So, now when we decide on a color for the inside (instead of flat white, so dirty with kids with grubby hands!) we will be able to slap it right onto the walls. Won't that be exciting, we would probably even be able to get pictures out of the boxes and hang stuff up on the walls!!! Then, it will feel more like a home.
Not much else has gone on around here. I guess this writing everyday thing really shows just how boring our life is around here. I guess I need to get out more!

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