Saturday, November 14, 2009

70 degrees?

The hubby and I are beginning to wonder about this fall thing...moving farther south, we are not quite sure that we are going to have winter at all. Seriously, 70 today, mid November! We are finally done with the Ida "remnants", no rain today and I got the rake up all the leaves. I am a bit obsessive about the leaves, I guess since didn't have any in Florida, I don't have any experience with the leaves and the raking! Despite my obsessive problem with the leaves; we had a good day today, the kids spent a lot of time outside. We cleaned up the garage, put more stuff in the attic, so yay, we can walk through the garage again! The hubby did a few odds and ends. We of course have more to do, but I suspect we will always have more to do! :(
Yesterday we received news that my great Uncle died. We are sad to hear it and send our love, thought and prayers to my great Aunt and family.
We don't have much else going on today. So, I'll leave you with some pictures of Gwen and Nate coloring, oh from September, you can tell, Nate must have just gotten a hair cut, he looks scruffy now! (that does not mean I am looking for him to get a haircut!)
Can you see the marker on his face?
Here you can see it better...

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