Thursday, November 05, 2009


Today was a pretty interesting day. My children appear to be very tired! VERY TIRED...I am not pleased. This means there is a LOT of crying for little to no reason. Even now, while she is supposed to be going into bed, screaming, likely because she gave something to Nate, and now he won't give it back. Gwen is spending most of the day getting tuned up for no reason.
Tomorrow we are going to tour a preschool. I am hoping it isn't going to be a problem for me to bring the doesn't say anything about it. Hopefully they are going to behave, I have my doubts, I also have my doubts we are going to make it in time. We've haven't had to be anywhere on a time limit in a long time.
This is another one of the days I wish Gwen would take a nap. There is always hope for tomorrow...
In interesting news, Nate crawled up on Gwen's chair after dinner, Gwen wasn't finished with dinner. She climbed onto her chair sat down, she started squishing him, he started pulling her hair. Their first fight!

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