Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Have I mentioned that having kids can really cramp my style? I mean they can really extend the simple tasks and make them into marathon tasks. This place just doesn't seem to stay clean. I have decided it is no longer worth putting the vacuum away; I vacuum everyday, everyday I tell you. Nate has decided that he wants to take over the vacuuming responsibilities... on the surface, this is a great thing, but in reality it is pretty terrible. He comes running whenever the vacuum starts and then he wants to "help, help, help". But, he vacuums so slow and then gets frustrated whenever he gets stuck on something. A real pain.
This day I distracted him with the popper, much easier for him.
I forgot to post this picture with parade pictures, Gwen was going to carry this backpack for us, but quickly changed her mind, when she realized her backpack was smaller and less cumbersome.
Here is Nate "sit"(-ting) on the "table". His vocab is really improving, and occasionally I can get him to get down by himself. I try to make a big production of the getting down by himself, so he will continue to try.
Now if I could get him to realize that he should sit in chairs and dinner will be ready when it's ready, and it will happen sooner if he stops climbing on the table!


Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, he's so cute doing it though. ;)

Did you do a blog make-over? It's cute!

Melanie said...

Thanks! I think so, but that will only get him so far!
I did do a make-over, seems like a couple months ago now. It was fun!