Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I went with my exercise buddy to a woman's only event at a running store. Had some yummy wine and apps and learned what shoes I should be wearing, and why my knees hurt. Informative! Too bad I just bought the wrong shoes. But, I guess this isn't why you come to this website (hi "Ant"!)
Like I said yesterday we went to the park after the run, we had fun. The kids didn't want to leave, so I guess that is a good sign. Here are the pictures I took.

It is not the best park in the world, but since it is not the best park in the world not many people go there, which makes it fun for the kids, not super busy. That day we were the only ones there. The kids love to run around, with 2 that can be a challenge, I tend to let Gwen do whatever and check on her, but follow Nate around like a hawk. (If you notice his face, you will see where he decided to try out a skateboard and landed on his nose, I was standing right there and it looked rather innocuous, he was just sitting on it, how did I know he was going to face plant off it? Will he ever learn?) Nate is learning to climb up and down and "sit, sit, sit" when you go down the slide. We had to go through the same process with Gwen, so at least for this "developmental step" I am prepared, now if he would follow any of her other tendencies I would be prepared. It is funny how different children of the same parentage can be completely different from the getgo. I keep praying that Nate is going through a phase that will one day allow for him to be curious which includes climbing without peril. I mean, if he could just learn that some things are dangerous and wouldn't be so pigheaded I could have less stress.

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