Thursday, November 05, 2009


Several weekends ago we went to a book store, when they were offering free hot chocolate and cookies. Of course, we were there, I printed one out for all of us, that's right 4 free hot chocolates and cookies! We timed it that we arrived just in time for story time (Have I mentioned this already). At story time, they read spooky stories and Gwen did a craft and then she got these teeth, that she loved, for like 2 days, maybe a week!
I even taught her to "sneak" up on Daddy and growl at him...not scary at all, but Daddy faked it well!
The husband has the ability to fall asleep at any time. This time he was in there the guest room to read stories to Gwen for quiet time and maybe get her to nap, well I guess she decided to haze him for falling asleep, or maybe she just wanted him to be warm and not lonely?
Gwen posing with her handwork.
Now she is giving a kiss, but I missed it.
Apparently, Eric who was looking over my shoulder, slept through all those pictures, unaware that I even took any of them.
These pictures are why I feel sorry for Nate having an older sister, he does whatever she does! I am beginning to think we need to get some more boy stuff in this house, we have been taken over by pink! He even tries to wear my shoes, although, to be fair, he tries to wear Eric's shoes also, see where he left Eric's shoes.
They've found that this one piece of floor, makes LOTS of noise when you wear Mommies shoes.
Nate still trying to work out my shoes.
After Halloween Gwen decide to dress up her baby like Dorothy, even down to the bows in her hair.
We have fun around here, sometimes. My last post proved right, the kids were out cold by 8:15! Poor things! :(

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