Friday, November 06, 2009

Busy October

We were very busy in Sept/Oct. We had a visit from Grandmom, Grandma, Eric, Brooke, Uncle Tim & Aunt Mary; all in about 6 weeks! Busy, busy. Gwen now calls the guest room "Grandmom, Grandma, and Uncle Eric and Brooke's room" on occasion. We had a nice visit with all our respective visitors. Sadly during most of the visits I took very few pictures. But I think all visits have at least 1 picture, so we can say see, they were here! The first visit I am going to show pictures from is "Uncle Eric & Broke" They came for a weekend and we had a nice time. Sadly I think terrible movies were watched, but really some people should know better! We made it to a corn maze, it was quite terrible and sadly I forgot my camera. But, the kids enjoyed themselves, so that is great! The maze was rather easy and the corn wasn't very high, apparently mazes in MD, way more fun. We are going to have to do more research next time!
One evening before the kids went to bed Eric and Brooke did some guest reading. This next picture is not of that at all, but I just thought Nate looked so funny!
I know Brooke looks bored in this picture, but I assure you she is'll see!
A close-up of Eric and Nate.
So these next 2 pictures show Brooke reading, can you tell she is a pre-school worker? She totally gets into it and I couldn't get a very good picture of her, but they are funny
and sweet!
Sadly Gwen was sitting next to her and didn't notice the expressions, but the meanings were conveyed with her tone rather nicely, I thought.

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