Sunday, December 06, 2009


The last couple of nights, maybe a week or so, we have found Gwen sleeping on the floor in front of the door. We don't know why, I suspect it is so she can listen to the TV and sneak peeks, but I think Eric and I have found a temporary solution that we haven't implemented yet, maybe soon. One of these days we found Gwen like this. Sitting in front of the night light, I should think if she didn't sit in front of the light, she wouldn't need the glasses, but what do I know! Nate has taken a particular liking to laying on his belly to look at things. He also loves to sit in people's laps and have them read to him. Sadly he will have you read the same story over and over again. I think Eric was tired of it and tried to get away, Nate wasn't bothered by this, he just laid down next to him and said "read, read". Eric, obviously obliged! We decided this year to celebrate the feast of St. Nick, sadly we were a day off, but the kids don't know that. We decided to stuff their stockings instead of socks or shoes and the kids really enjoyed it. We took some of the stocking stuffer like presents out of the already piled up gift stash in the garage and gave them some...Gwen got these PJs seen here! As you can see, still a ham and wearing Daddy's slippers...I should think she would be warmer if she wore the PJ bottoms, but again, what do I know! Nate got a truck, a fire truck to be specific, randomly throughout the day he would say "TRUCK, TRUCK" with some urgency, and then have to find it immediately. I would say it was a hit! They got a couple other things, but not so exciting as those 2 presents. Gwen loves her stocking so much she brought it with her to Church and she took it up to Communion!
We also put up more Christmas lights. We figured out what was causing the lights on the house not to light, and when we'd fix the issue on the strand we'd accidentally blow a fuse. It was fun! So we think we have finally figured out our lighting scheme, but we are figured out that we should do some diagramming or something before we just start throwing up lights, oh well, next year! Here is the rest of the scheme with the new lights from Dad's stash. You'll just have to look back at the other picture and pretend it is 1 picture! Maybe soon we will have all the lights working at the same time and we can get a picture, just maybe.

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