Saturday, December 04, 2010

Its snowing

Today, surprisingly enough it snowed. I say surprising, because I haven't been watching the weather so I had no idea it was going to snow. I guess now that Gwen is in school, I should start paying attention to those kind of things. The school was having a craft fair today and we volunteered to help out, so while I was at the craft fair Eric played outside with the kids. Here are the pictures he took.

Apparently they tried to make a snowman and Nate stomped on it so Eric told Gwen she could throw a snowball at him...
I think she missed. I think in this picture you can really see the Mohawk quality of the hat. (did I mention we got it at Old Navy?) You can also see the snow he squashed to his right.
We ended up with about 3 inches of snow. I went out tonight and took pictures of our house, you can see the whole deal here, this was taken from our neighbor's driveway.
I played around with the settings to get this picture, which I think shows the craziness that is our house lighting scheme.
This is from the side view, when you are coming down the street this is what you see...
We thought we had enough lights to do the trees, so I think we are going to get more lights, I think if we are going to compete we really need to step it up. I have a large lit wreath I want to hang outside also, but Eric is fighting that, and by fighting it, I mean not brainstorming to help me figure out how to get it hung and is a little heavy. Maybe after we get more lights we will take more also can't see the lawn decorations the kids picked out or the tree ornaments.
We are also watched the Auburn-SCarolina game. Pretty good game if you are an Auburn fan, which I am! Looking forward to watching the National Championship game, so hope no one needs me Jan 10th in the evening, although I think they play better when I tape the game and watch it a little behind everyone else. I also hope the game is more like tonight's game and not like the last several nail bitters!

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