Thursday, December 09, 2010


I had what I thought was a rather humorous phone call from our neighbor. She called to make sure she hadn't offended us because she made a comment about how she doesn't have to use lights in certain parts of her house because of our light display! That was not the case at all, we weren't offended, we were just blowing fuses because we may have put too many lights in the series...oops! As my Mother has reminded me, it is a work in progress and it might take years for us to perfect our lights display. I thought I would take a picture from last night and show you where we would like to "grow" our lights display. Poor Eric worked on it for about an hour last night, I'd feel sympathy, but I was making candy and stirring the pot the whole time! Here is what we have so far, minus the arrows. So last night Eric worked on adding those 2 sets of lights at the top of the 2 trees. Eric has told me he was going for height, so that when people down the street ride around looking for lights, will see the sheer height of lights and drive down the street to look! You can see Eric in the picture, the green circle above his head, I am hoping we will put a lit wreath there, I don't think I am exaggerating it's size! The green arrows around the garage door, I am hoping to put lit garland there...we have it, we aren't using it, I say why not! Maybe we should also use it around the mailbox. The yellow arrows where we would like to get something to line the drive with, like these or these or some other pathway lights that are not candy canes (because our neighbors have those and we don't want to copy!). If you see the lavender arrow you can see Nate's snowman lawn ornament, sometime it is there sometimes he grabs it out and chases things with it, also we have a half working set of net lights there, Eric is going to fix those, I think. Eric would like to get some kind of lawn ornamentation, but we can't agree on that, we would put it in the dark space to the left of the picture. I am also thinking that the right of the house would be perfect for me to shine the AU on the wall, but Eric would probably want to do some Christmas thing that say happy holidays or something.
I can totally see why my Dad totally got into this, man it is fun. I remember half listening to him while he talked about his plans. So I recommend if you have the slightest competitive personality you might not want to get started putting up lights, or you will start competing randomly with neighbors, sure our neighborhood is having prizes this year, but I think we would compete no matter what! To look back at what we did last year you can look here and here and picture them together.

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