Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree!

This weekend we came home from Church to find that Daddy had put the tree we decorated the tree on Sunday. I was determined to get every decoration on the tree, we have a lot of decorations and Eric thought I was being a little ridiculous, but I did it! With the help of the kids of course.
Not only did Gwen decorate the tree with me she also did the garland, can you tell? Maybe not in this picture, but you'll see...
It is also easier to put every decoration on the tree when Gwen put every decoration on one branch.
See how proud she is!
Gwen had a play date the other day and the girl told me that her tree was prettier than ours....I was not offended, I think it is funny. They apparently buy a real tree, which I imagine it is much nicer than our fake tree, but ours has personality!
Nate helped Eric diagnose the lights.

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