Thursday, December 23, 2010


This is going to be a random post with random pictures, they probably won't relate to anything, but you should know no children were hurt in any pictures, or stuck, for long!
In the following picture, please excuse the laundry pile, waiting to be laundered!
The past couple of days have been busy, I have been scurrying to finish Christmas cards and get them sent. Which I think I finally finished. I think that sending Christmas cards are becoming a thing of the past, if my excel sheet shows any indication, either that or out of sight out of mind...I don't know which, but I still do them and give you 2 years, if I don't get a Christmas card 1 year, still on the list, but 2 years in a!
We have been watching Christmas movies, and during this movie Gwen was scared, which for some reason means she watches from somewhere not on the couch, usually in her room, but the view to the TV is blocked by the tree, so she had to sit here!
Nate fell asleep during said movie, he slept the night through, it was about 7p when this picture was taken!
I have been told by the bank 5-7 business days until a NC certified check will be processed which I am sure complicated by the while I consider the Jeep sold, Eric still is waiting. Although with all the paperwork and info we have on this lady seems to me that everything on the up and up, especially since the woman and her fiancee seem to own a used car dealership! Eric does wonder if they are just going to resell the thing, but who knows!
I have realized that I don't have any cookies for Santa, so on the docket today, making cookies for Santa. I feel like staying home today and going no where, so that is what I am hoping to do. I paged through my Dec issue of Southern Living with Gwen and she picked out 2 cookies to make...I have all the ingredients so we are going to try them!
Gwen made this hat during her preK "celebration" she is very excited it jingles! I also stupidly asked her what we should have for Christmas and she is adamant-it is not Christmas with out figgy pudding! I usually make a cake for Christmas, so what the heck, all though I have heard reports that the figgy pudding is terrible, and I was considering making another cake, but I guess now that we are making cookies, I won't have to make another sweet!
I was on my way to a playdate yesterday morning when Eric called and said I can't finish the Jeep can you come home? I was already about at their house so I stopped at the door and said, sorry we can't stay, here's some candy, Merry Christmas! She generously offered to watch my kids so I could run home and help Eric (I guess when you have 7, what is 2 more?) I decided to let her watch the kids, no point in disappointing all those kids right before the holidays! The kids had a great time and wanted to go back today, but as I already mentioned, I am not driving anywhere today, if I can help it! I think I had another random thing to mention, but I can't remember it now!

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