Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The lights!

Now that I have gotten the Christmas cards out and have finished candy, I can now veg out in the evenings, and by veg out I mean work on the blog and exercise...although I think that my veg'ing will be short lived since Christmas eve is soon, I guess in 2 that right? I am so out of sync! When Eric finished his portion of the lights, he made me run outside in the cold down the street and fortunately I had brought the camera so you can see the view also. (Amy this is for you!)Eric tells me his intent was if someone is at the end of the street they will look down and see a bunch of lights and say "Gosh, I've got to see that!"
Here is the side view, Eric and I discussed him fixing the half strand of the icicles that aren't working, but I thought if he fixed it we might blow more year we must work on our strands/outlet.
This is the almost finished look...this is after we finished everything, but sadly the garland lights I put around the garage door didn't stay up, and I don't feel like going out and fixing them all the time, so sorry, this is what it currently looks like with wreath and mailbox lit! No word on who won the neighborhood contest, but we suspect that the voting was low and they don't know what to do! I guess we will find out eventually, my neighbor hung some lights outside around her door, influenced by our awesome light display...I guess that is reward enough, cheering someone up and spreading the joy of Christmas lights! So, Eric and I will continue to plan for next year and we look forward to going out after Christmas and picking up some cheap stuff on clearance for next year...I hope I am not the only person out there who looks at the lights planning for next year...I saw a outdoor light timer that goes you can set to go on at dusk and off at dawn or at any other time, that I have my eye on!
Today we sold the Jeep. It happened so quickly, we are a little in shock! But it certainly was a nice Christmas present for us. Eric might be a little freaked out and miss the Jeep. But we will adjust as we have with everything else.

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