Wednesday, June 02, 2010


As I sit here again today by the kids door waiting patiently for Nate to go to sleep, or at least stop opening the door, I realize how impatient I actually am. And how really irritated I am to be having to do this. Nate has been my child that I never really had to sleep train or do any kind of rocking/walking to sleep. We've always put him in his crib and he'd go to sleep. For a while the husband has been pressuring me to take Nate out of his crib. I didn't want to for many reasons, but the most important is because how EASY it is to read to him plop him in his crib and leave. No problems, no worries, no headache! Knowing we had these big trips coming up I still refused to change the situation, I really didn't want Nate running around either of our parents houses, getting into stuff in the rooms, etc. Plus why change something right before we go, same reason I refused to potty train Gwen before Nate came along.
At my Mom's house, this isn't so much of a problem, she has a pack-n-play, my MIL does not. The husband by virtue of refusing to help me get into the attic and get down the pack-n-play to take forced the transition and stressed me more about the whole trip. (added another worry to my random and crazy list of worries). We didn't have a pack-n-play or crib so Nate wouldn't easily stay in the room, which meant that he got used to someone being with him while he was napping. For me it was frustrating and irritating because I knew I would have an over tired kid who would likely want help getting to sleep, which I've never done for him before!
So yesterday when I put Nate down for his nap, he plopped right out, (I watched time #3, he just flipped his leg over the side and came out, not really caring about the fact that he randomly landed crazily on the floor, looks like it would have hurt!) Yesterday I had promised Gwen that we would watch Sesame Street when Nate went down for his nap, as this is our usual routine, BUT this ended up being a bad thing because Nate heard it/saw it and wanted to watch it so he wouldn't keep the door closed. Today I smartened up, lunch kind of early, Nate down kind of early and I told Gwen we could only watch Sesame Street AFTER Nate falls asleep, which I am thinking is now...that only took an hour...yep, sound asleep, in Gwen's bed, shhhh, don't tell her!
Now the problem with this arrangement is the room, Eric disassembled the crib last night and the bedroom is so much bigger! Should I leave the mattress on the floor tucked under Gwen's bed? I am not getting a toddler bed, should we get a twin bed with a trundle with the potential for a bunk bed in several years? Gwen has said she doesn't want to be on the top bunk, which means it will likely be 4 years before we can safely have Nate on the top bunk! Is it worth it to by the bunk bed, and store the top bunk until then? (Gwen's bed is her convertible crib and she is starting to say that her bed is too small-her feet touch the bottom). I do have to say it is very nice to have only the one bed in there. The room has a lot of space now so they can pull out toys and play with them in their room. Fortunately for me, Eric has to deal with the night time routine while I go to the gym! Eric and my Mother think this process will take about a week, we'll see.
I don't know that there is a point to this post, but I guess I have the time to post something and had the current life situation to put out there. Off to cut the grass before it rains again. (My garden looks fabulous by the way, thanks for asking! ;)

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