Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The family vacation, the whole story, well my part of the story

As you may or may not remember we went to NM to visit the family last week the week before last...I had a very busy week last week, I'll get to that later. I have finally gotten around to downloading and compiling the pictures...I made 1 LARGE slide show so be prepared! I guess you'd like to know how it went. Nate spent the entire time overtired. We might spend the next month recovering from that. An overtired almost 2 year old is a lot for the husband and I to handle much less the Grandparents! There were times when Nate was good, but generally he was running around trying to keep himself awake. I think it is safe to say despite this everyone had a good time. There is not much to do where my in-laws live, but they have dirt and sunny days and my MIL got the kids a blow-up pool. Needless to say they had a blast and I think want to go back just to do more digging!
So the plane rides, Nate is still under 2, so we were able to put him in our lap, sadly the flights were full so he couldn't get his own seat. This was difficult for all, I swear on our first leg (an almost 3 hour flight) he cried on the floor for 1 hour before conking out in my arms. Poor kid! By the time we got them to the in-laws and settled situated into the room they were sleeping in it was midnight our time! I spent most of that first night in with them because Nate was so over tired/not familiar with his surroundings he would just cry in his sleep and sometimes wake up. Needless to say, I was exhausted!
We spent our days hanging out usually around town, one day we went to 'Cruces and did a little shopping and playing at Chuck E Cheese. The kids loved it, but where exhausted. I just realized I don't have any pictures of that! I guess because last time I went with the kids and Mom so I let Eric and his Mom take the kids while I guarded the food and purses.
In more exciting news, the small town now has a movie theater/bowling alley/sports bar/black-light mini golf/arcade. Yes, in one seemingly tiny building, but didn't seem to bad once you got inside! The exciting news is that Eric and I went and saw 2 movies and played a round of black light mini golf. Next time we'll have to bowl, we didn't have time for that and a movie on the same night. It was fun for us.
My FIL has a routine, everyday he goes up to the "back 40" (they have 3 acres, which my MIL has landscaped) with the dog, Bisbee and feeds the birds and other wild life. Gwen went with him everyday and if he happened to leave without her, she cried! (She might have also been overtired!)
Then we had the flight home. Nate again terrible, and since we had a long taxi to the teriminal on the first flight and BOTH kids conked out. Sadly, not long enough to make enough of a difference for the next flight. Let's just say we are happy to have the kids back in their rooms. Without further adieu, the slide show...that I should have split into more than one and sadly some of them went in sideways, they don't normally do that. SORRY!

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