Thursday, June 17, 2010

An update

I have some pictures and some thoughts to go along with each picture. First is a picture of my kids from Easter. I think this might the only picture we have of the 2 of them together, where they both are sitting and looking at the camera. You can tell the only reason they cooperated is because of the chocolate. This next picture is of my strawberry tart. Think I mentioned that one time I went picking strawberries and then I made a tart. Here is said tart! (pardon the spill on the table that hasn't been cleaned up yet, well I mean it was cleaned up shortly after the picture, we don't still have it on the table). It was quite yummy! Pastry, creamy filling, and yummy strawberries!
This is the picture my Mom has been waiting for. Several days ago I spoke to Mom on the phone, she was having computer technical difficulties. She all of sudden heard Eric saying to me "come, quickly", silence and then a lot of laughing. Nate had fallen to sleep, like this! This isn't the first time he fell asleep like that, he has fallen asleep like this in the car.
My garden! Well, half of it. I have more somewhere else. Mostly potatoes and onions.

This is my first gardening experiment on the big scale and we've been very excited. Nate has picked some of the cherry tomatoes at this orange color (2). And most recently we have discovered that something is eating them. Gwen and I checked the garden yesterday and something had half eaten one of the ripe cherry tomatoes, later that day it was gone, all of it and the other ripening tomato. I am not pleased by this development, first my ripening strawberries, now this! I would like to declare war on this creature, I just need to know what I am up against! I don't have enough space to keep us all fed!

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