Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kites, lists and dishes

So my little girl, no longer a baby, is a sweet helpful type of girl. She gets excited to help me, I can usually bribe her to do something if I say, want to help me clean the bathrooms later...and she's all, YES! I know, crazy! So, last week when I had to make a cake for Nate, guess who was my big helper! Not just with the cake, she also did the dishes!

Thanks big girl!
Look at that sweet girl sleeping. This is from the same day we got Nate asleep with his book in his hands.
Here is another story of my sweet girl. I feel like we are doing a Chinese Water Torture on the poor girl, I think she has wanted a scooter since she has seen the other kids in the neighborhood with theirs, so almost a year. And now her little brother has gotten a scooter! Terrible! Every time Nate would get off his scooter on his birthday, she would sneak on it. Look at that look on her face.
Eric and I have been known to make the lists, I make grocery lists, Eric makes to do lists, Gwen also has started to make her own lists...see:
She then put it on the fridge, so I would remember to pick it up at the grocery store...a princess's job is never done!
These pictures are from May! The kids are obsessed with kites. One day while we were home the kids and I took the kites out front. Gwen decided that the kites weren't flying to her liking, so she ran and got her bike. I ran and got the camera. I had no idea what she was doing, but I knew I should take pictures.
She decided she was going to sit on the handle.
And then she wanted to watch if the kite would go.
And then I explained to her should go and not watch the kite...
It didn't work out as well as she intended but it did work...It got tangled up at one point, so I helped her put the handle under the seat on the pipe and she got a moving. It is pretty exciting to see her come up with ideas and help her tweak her ideas to help them work.

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