Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dr's appointment

Here are the vital statistics:
He is 27lb 8oz
He has grown, theoretically 2lbs 4oz, 1in. She didn't get me any of the percentages, or if she did I forgot them. Have I mentioned they don't give me any paperwork here? Anyhoo, I say theoretically because he had his diaper on for the weight check and when we looked at the height it was less than what he had been at one of the other appointments, and since they just stretched out his leg we know that's not necessarily accurate because he was screaming. But everything else was good, actually better than good. You never know how your kid is doing until you go into the appointment and talk with the Dr, here they make you fill out paperwork. Nate has excelled in all the gross motor areas, apparently he is only expected to do 2-3 word phrases, he is 4+ word sentences. He is fine in all the physical movement areas also. He seems to be lacking in the problem solving areas, although I don't really know that for sure, because I don't really test him on the ways that paper asked about. But, I also expect that since he is advanced in gross motor skills and physical motor skills, problem skills might be a little behind, and thats ok.

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