Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Oh full night of sleep, how we miss you! We are still struggling with this whole sleeping thing with Nate. It is pretty terrible at this point, not a single person in our house got a full night of sleep last night. UGH! Nate is suffering from what, we don't know, but seriously wish we could figure out. What we do know is that he missed full sleep in bed naps because of VBS last week and is having problems staying in the room to sleep. The boy is tired, so tired! And we don't know quite what to do. I think last night was our limit. And while it was terrible to be sitting up with Eric last night at 1-3 in the morning (I don't really know what time, I'm just guessing) we were able to work some things out. I think without realizing it, we turned Nate into a kid who needs us to get back to sleep. We should have known the signals, but I think we were too tired to notice! We are going to try to remedy the situation tonight. I think we have decided to split up the kids so Gwen can still sleep and Nate can thrash about in their bedroom while he relearns to put himself to sleep and more importantly go back to sleep if awoken.
Nate is cute though...despite his stubborn nature. And really I wish the poor kid could remember to fall asleep on his own. But last night when we were in the midst of the lack of sleep deciding what to do while listening to Nate repeatedly say "can you tuck me in?" He would say really funny things. I was in the bedroom researching our options and Nate stops crying and really sweetly says "I need to come in". Eric tells me he also said "Daddy hit me". I am now immune to the he/she hit me thing from the kids. So sad, sorry!
Here's hoping that we have a better night tonight, but I think it will be a while before I sleep through the night again.

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