Monday, October 09, 2006

Corn maze

Last weekend we went to a corn maze with Uncle Bill & family. He had taken my Mom and Aunt Ellen for the weekend, we had to do an exchange! For some unexplanable reason, the husband loves corn mazes. We did one last year and since the mid-summer he has been wondering and asking, when will the mazes open. Since we had to do the exchange we chose this maze. Last year we did this maze. We enjoyed the maze we did last year much better. The one we did this year, we all agreed was too educational. You had to answer questions about the different topics to get the direction you were to head. Last year we just ran about looking for mailboxes with stamps containing the directions. Way more fun.

This maze did have the cool corn box. JJ & Sammy loved it and were burried in the corn. Seems like fun! I unfortunately ate some of a funnel cake. As you can see I forgot to cover sleeping Gwen and we had some powdered sugar issues!

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