Friday, October 20, 2006


Well, today is finally Friday. I have been working on getting Gwen to nap for 5 days now. She has been napping, but it requires a lot of help from Mommy! We are also working on being able to fall asleep without eating. That is hard work and slow going, but I am hoping to see a light at the end of the tunnel soon. It is hard to break a I say this with the sleeping baby in my arms. One day soon I hope to though. Besides that we have not accomplished much, I am sorry to say. I am so focused on getting Gwen to nap when she is tired everything else is been neglected. (Don't worry Moms, it hasn't affected dinner). I find that she is taking a 45 minute nap. Most of the time I can get up and do something during that 45 minutes, but she won't sleep longer, so I can't accomplish much.
Today we tried Stroller Strides, wouldn't you know it I showed up for lower body workout day. Gwen was pretty fussy, not terrible, but every time we stopped to do cardio she started to fuss, if she would have just fallen asleep she wouldn't have had such a terrible time!
These pictures are from Wed, I was being silly and Eric said Gwen looked pretty shocked, but at least she stopped crying so we could finish our conversation. She was ready to start the bedtime ritual, I believe.

Next week's posts will also be light because Gwen and I will be in WI visiting my Grandpa. We will also have the good fortune to meet some of my Aunts, don't know about the Uncles, but I know the Aunts will be there. Hopefully we will be able to post some pictures of them, if they are not too camera shy. These flights will probably be more difficult, we will have to deal with 2 legs and layovers. The Detroit layover won't be a problem, but the Minneapolis one will be 3 hours! So, think about us Thurs.

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