Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Turning the Corner?

Yesterday was apparently a fussy day. Many will say, but she had her shots, so it is expected that she was fussy. I am told that she was fussy BEFORE she went to the doctor. More importantly, not fussy, but screaming. After the shots, about mid-afternoon, the sisters broke down and gave Gwen aspirin, the aforementioned Mr. Starfish did not produce a smile. (As a side note-we all had a good laugh because the nurse told me if I start to notice Gwen become fussy don't hesitate to give her aspirin...but as opposed to what, she is always slightly fussy). This morning Gwen was more interested in talking to me then eating. She went down for naps without as much fussing, the sisters feel Gwen is a new baby. I have hope that this attitude continues. We shall see.

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