Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Spring!? Maybe not.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, mid 60s, you'd have thought it was spring, so we dressed accordingly. We went onto our deck and Gwen enjoyed sitting on the chair and when I asked her to smile, this is the face I got! She loved being out on the deck so much, I left the screen door open and while I made dinner I kept an eye on her while she walked in and out of the house, over the threshold announcing "outside". She was quite excited, my outdoor baby!
Today was also a nice day, but unfortunately this afternoon she slept late and it was raining when she woke up. So, we played inside. Gwen is getting very good at getting up on the chairs in the house as long as they have "finger holds". Our couch and other places without said fingerholds she cannot get up on. But now it seems that we have to child-proof table tops!

Gwen now enjoys eating lunch at the table with me. She is still a little short, but she doesn't really like to sit in her booster, plus the booster we have is not as stable in these chairs as I would like.
Today was our last Water Babies class, are you as sad as we are? We have a week off and then we start Aqua Tots I! Technically Gwen shouldn't start this class until she is 2, but I want her to have at least one of the next up class with this teacher before baby #2 arrives and we have to switch to a new teacher. The teacher told me today she was proud of me for sticking with the class with Gwen's warming up issues. You can see why I like her, she is nice!


Liesa said...

All of the sudden, she looks just like you to me... Must be nice to have a child that resembles you :) None of mine look like me OR each other. Craziness... I am glad she had fun going in and out. I cannot wait for spring :)

Anonymous said...

WOW I could have been looking at your bsby picture when I was looking at that last one with the yogurt!!! That girl is definitely part Georgeson!

Maddie makes 4 said...

sorry that anonymous post was from me... didnt mean for it to be anonymous