Monday, March 03, 2008


Another busy weekend around here for us. Gwen as usual was great. Friday night I had Mom's night out we went to the movie Juno, I don't know if you have heard about it, but it was the only movie available that was playing at a time us old fart Mom's could get to. The movie was interesting, to watch a 16 yr old pregnant. We then went to Friday's after the movie, so I didn't get home until after midnight! Pretty late. The next day we drove up to WV and picked up the rest of the supplies for the floors. Maybe we will have that project done by the time the next baby comes...wouldn't that be exciting. Ok, maybe not for anyone else, but for us, very exciting. The Erics started a new batch of beer. Some kind of Chocolate Mint mean is it to make a chocolate mint beer when I am pregnant! Then Eric and I went to his company Sioree, and the godfather babysat. We had a nice time, Eric says that Gwen handled the separation a little easier this time. She knew something was coming, she was kind of funny to Eric the moment she saw him, and didn't warm right up to him, unusual for her.
This morning she slept in, for entirely too long and has been kind of clingy with a runny nose. I am hoping that it is nothing more than a runny nose and she is over tired, I think listening to her nap she might have not had a great night sleep last night. Today is about 65 so I have the house open hoping that will air out her room some, since we have had the humidifier running in her room for months. I think I need to get in there and scrub her walls down and move stuff around, but doubt I will have time to get to that. We will see!
We are off to the grocery store. Time to enjoy some nice weather!


Maddie makes 4 said...

Ha ha I did switch my background around. I am trying to find one that I like. I wanted to switch off between the Marlins and Diamondbacks (the kidds teams) but you cant really see my logos.... OH WELL! It was great seeing your mom on Sunday. I think she wanted me to tell you that I want to make a gift for the new baby but I cant unless I know what it is. I told her I did not think that would get the cat out of the bag but worth a try... secretly I like when we dont know whether preggers are gonna have a boy or girl. I have a bday party at Maddie's school pretty soon.... Promise bday pics soon. :) Hope Gwen's nose clears up....I hate when their nose runs and they wipe it on their arm!!! or even worse try and lick it!!! GROSS!!!!! :) Have a good day!!

Beth said...

What no new pictures of Gwen? Just kidding. Glad you guys had a good weekend!!!

Melanie said...

Jenni-It is too late now, we have no way of finding out the sex now...someone should have made their request known before I went to the u/s if it was that important! :p
Beth-Patience! You didn't see me complaining that you didn't have any pictures on your website! Guess you must be busy.