Friday, February 29, 2008


By the time I found the cameras and cords, and got myself together I hear Gwen, she is not officially awake, but she is moving around alot, which I think means she will be awake soon. So today's post will likely be a quick post.
To balance out the rant from the other day, I have been thinking about posting about how sweet and cute Gwen is pretty much all the time. Gwen is super helpful! She likes to help around the house. You can see here she is handing me the trash to put in the trash can. (I was testing out the camera, but the picture is very blurry, I don't know if it was just she was moving or what.) I tease that Gwen has a slight case of OCD, she can not stand when drawers are left open, this has caused a very bad habit for me. Now when I cook I don't bother to close any of the drawers or cabinets, Gwen will always wander behind me and close them. Sometimes this can cause a problem when I am still standing there getting stuff out, or getting multiple things out of the pantry, but what can I say, she's a helper. She also likes to sweep up the floor for me. The last few mornings we have been able to tell Gwen to go get her shoes and she will wander into her bedroom get them and bring them to our bedroom. This doesn't necessarily mean she will hand you the shoes and sit down so you can put on her shoes, but I think we are making progress in the whole follow directions things. Yes, she still picks and choses what she will do. She still really likes to help with the laundry, she has graduated to helping me clean out the lint trap and sometimes she helps me take the clothes out or put them in the laundry.
Gwen also has taken a huge interest in babies, this morning after class one of the little tykes was crying and she kept trying to hug him. We do have to work on her not crushing the babies, this little guy is very healthy, but we are going to have to watch her with the new baby as she was almost laying on the little guy to give him the hug. She has become very loving to other babies, something I am glad about in some ways, but who knows how it will turn out when baby #2 arrives!
It is nice to see Gwen's more altruistic side, I have heard or read or something that children by nature like to be helpful and feel like a contributing member of society, I have been trying to get her to help me with things, like the laundry and we have also graduated to helping unload the dishwasher. I have tried to get her to help me stir things, if she is around when I am trying to cook, but I don't have the patience for that, I don't always have enough time to get her to help me.
Well, she is up now, for real, I just heard her call for Daddy, which means she is ready to get out...I guess she knows who is the sucker in this house already! Busy weekend for us, don't know if we will get many pictures!

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