Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Water babies wk 6

Wow, week 6 of water babies, such a difference 6 weeks make. Gwen actually leaned into the teacher when she came over to have Gwen swim with her so I let her and then she realized she wasn't with me and started crying. But when it was over (it is all of 10 sec of "swimming") she was fine and gave the instructor a high 5. She did also swim through a hoop to her later in the class, that is progress!
Yesterday was a long day for us. Eric had to leave early to go to a conference, he carpooled, so he couldn't sneak out early and drive back, he got home after Gwen was asleep. She was so tired yesterday she just conked out and slept until 7:30, a full 12 hrs, she has been waking up at 6:30a. Usually I think she chats to herself, but I think she was slightly confused last night because I haven't done the bed time routine in quite sometime. She was so funny, she made me put on her slippers and she kept asking me to take out her bow. Both things we do before her nap.
She is talking up a storm now, not really saying much more but babbling with a few words sprinkled her and there. She LOVES to talk on the phone, so people if you call me and she is not napping, be prepared to talk to us on speakerphone and be prepared to listen to her say something to you that you won't be able to comprehend, also be prepared to really listen, because she uses a very quiet voice when she talks on the phone. Now if I could just get her to do that in Church! Maybe I should tell her to use her phone voice!
This weekend was rather uneventful, Eric had to study so he went to the library. Gwen and I went to the store and she picked out her Easter dress, I had a couple of options for her and she grabbed the one I think she wanted, fortunately she isn't capable of telling me that she really wanted one of the other dresses. We also went to the park and let Gwen run around on Sat, she really enjoys that, you might ask, well what was the temperature, it wasn't actually warm maybe 40s, but it was sunny. Not much else excitement around here, Eric is working a lot, his boss is leaving the company which means a lot of last minute meetings and extra work.
Gwen's eating has improved greatly, sometimes she doesn't eat a thing, but often she does try stuff, and if we are at a restaurant she eats a ton. I think it must be because she gets her food first and we let her move around more, we let her pick at her food and change seats and whatever. Saturday at dinner she ate 1.5 chicken fingers, some french fries, 2 corn muffins and I think something else. She was quite funny because we were in this very funky shaped booth that half way through the meal she walked around. Embarrassingly enough we didn't realize the booth had "window" and she could actually talk to the people behind us. Oops, sorry to disturb your dinner guys! Overall, I would have to say my stress level about the eating has gone way down. I try to make at least one thing she will like, but sometimes don't realize that I shouldn't necessarily season Gwen's pieces. Last night she put a piece of turkey in her mouth and I think got a bit of pepper and wouldn't touch it again. Gwen still loves her fruits, unfortunately she signs for apples when she wants pears, which confuses Eric and I greatly!
Our camera appears to still be in route from the repair shop. It is only coming from St. Louis, I wouldn't expect it to take this long!

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Beth said...

Glad she is doing so well with Water Babies!!! And the eating thing - I wouldn't stress, she will eat when she's hungry - we've learned that one!