Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Valentine's Day

I know, you are thinking, Melanie, you are so behind, that was last week. I know, but I am behind! This is the first chance I have had to get on the computer all day...I will get to that later. I originally thought I should just post about the day and then I realized I had these back logged pictures. (BTW please don't blame me for typos, blogger spellcheck seems to be down and I am doing this on the big screen, which seems to have affected my ability to spell/see!)
I made Eric some muffins for V-day. I am very proud of these muffins, so I took a picture. The top part is white fondant that I bought from the store and then I kneeded in the red food coloring. I wanted to put decorations around the sides, but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I ended up "painting" some of them with silver pearl dust. I am not so happy with the silver, but that Eric obviously didn't care (cause he has eaten them!) The idea came from one of my Christmas presents, which has 500 cupcake recipes. So far we have tried 4 or 5 of the recipes and they are all good! (we haven't ventured into the salmon muffins yet, so I can't vouch for them). They are jumbo muffins, I sent this picture to my girlfriend, who made the cake seen here. She was on the phone with me while I was kneeding the fondant, giving me encouragement, she called after I sent her the picture and told me if her cake making business takes off she is going to hire me as her assistant! I guess I will never send her this picture, just in case! (you have to scroll down to see the cake I am talking about)

Eric and I were lucky enough to secure the godfather to babysit on Tues of last week so we could go on a date, and try something new, having someone besides us put Gwen to sleep. Gwen was not so happy when we were leaving, we were told she eventually calmed down and one funny story that she had a running nose so he decided to make a break for the bathroom to get a tissue and she clung to our bedroom door and just cried. Poor kid! All was quiet when we got home and since it was the night of the terrible ice storm, we had the whole resturaunt to ourselves! It was lovely!

On Thursday, Eric and I decided to go to dinner again, with Gwen and then pick up the webcam. As I was discussing plans with Eric, this is what Gwen was doing!

She decided it was time for fingerpainting. She went to her drawer, got out all the stuff and put it on her table, where we now do crafts. Needless to say it was 4:30 and I wanted to meet Eric at 5p for dinner so we wouldn't have any V'day craziness. And we didn't, surprisingly enough. Gwen ate like a champ, we had no wait and we were in and out in less than an hour...we weren't even at a fast food resturaunt. I did let Gwen fingerpaint on Sat morning, while we were waiting for Eric to get up. She had a grand time!

Gwen appears to have had a tummy ache this afternoon when I put her down for her nap. Possibly a diary overload incident, what can I say, I get excited that she is actually eating/drinking diary, maybe I give her too much. I imagine one day we will have the same post about her and vegetables one day! I was just finishing my shower and getting dressed when I heard Gwen crying, which is very unusual, when I am in the bathroom with the vent on I can't hear her, but I could hear her over the vent, so I turned it off and listened and she was crying and coughing and then I heard it, throwing up! So, I went in there to get her and found her laying on her back very upset, but seriously, who wouldn't be. She had a mess in the crib and on herself. We cleaned her and her room up and then it was too late to put her back down so I've had a whiny 19 mon old for the rest of the day. I still had to make my grocery list and go to the store and while she was great in the store, when we got home to make dinner, not so much! I do not like the whiny displeased state, she went down for bed very quickly, lets hope it doesn't take several days for her to recover from today!

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Beth said...

Very nice muffins!!!! And we hope Gwen is feeling better!!!