Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wits end

For the last couple of weeks I have had some problems with Gwen, not major problems, just problems that involve a 1.5 yr old and not understanding that no Mommy does not want you running away from you so you could possibly be hit by a car. Actually this is a problem I have had on and off with Gwen for a couple months. Sometimes she will be great and stand by me and then sometimes she will want to play and run away from me. As you all know there is no reasoning with a 1.5 yr old. How do you explain to her that she will get hurt by a car is she runs out into the street, I am not sure she gets the concept of hurt yet. Today we got home from a play group and running errands and I didn't have enough hands to grab her hand, usually I can tell her to go to the steps and she will dutifully walk to the steps and wait for me. But today, the wind and the fact that it is 39ish and I have some stuff in my hands I guess means lets go run away. The only problem with this is the neighbors have a behemoth of an Expedition and so I can't actually see her if it is in the driveway, which it is today. I let her run off today and then she cried and came back and crawled up the steps by herself. Fast forward to nap time, for the last couple of days getting Gwen to focus, sit and read books doesn't always go well. Today I asked her if she wanted to read a book or get in her crib, she went to her crib and started to climb into it, as if she could! So we said her prayers and I put her in the crib. She laid right down, but she did not go to sleep right away of course. She is now sleeping, thank goodness, but I am not sure she will understand that Mommy loves her, but doesn't want to encourage this misbehavior!
Yesterday after swim class, Gwen's friend's father was there and he watches the girls while his wife and I get changed in the smallest pool bathroom known to man! Seriously, the college kids must have somewhere else to change, 'cause there is no room in that bathroom. Justin says to me yesterday Gwen listens so well, Sophia just ran off on him, but he would tell Gwen to come and stay and she did. I responded with well, she is not your kid, kids are often better when their parents are not around. Sadly, Gwen was upset when I finished changing, apparently Sophia ran off, Justin chased after her and Gwen was upset, Justin thought maybe Gwen felt abandoned. I suspect he was right.
Eric and I have not discussed baby names, and being the frustrating couple that we are, we most likely won't tell you when we do decide. I like that we don't have anybody commenting on the name and giving us a bad opinion on the name that we chose. We lucked out with Gwen I think, it is a nice name that most people like, but certainly I feel that most people you know aren't rude enough to say that's the worst name, strangers on the other hand, give their opinion freely.
My other dilemma is the stroller. Ugh! I do not want to have tons of strollers, we just don't have the room. My dilemma involves that we do the exercise group so I really need to have something that is like a jogger but that will accommodate the car seat since babies under 6mons can't ride in joggers, something about bobbing heads and whatnot. This stroller, seems to be nice compact and has several cool features. I like that it is light, easy to push and will fit in most shopping aisles. It also seems to be the only stroller that will accommodate the car seat. Several of the Moms have this stroller and one of our Moms is using it with her 2 kids. This is really hard to explain, but the top seat goes all the way down and you can use it as a bassinet, the child just slides in and out from the back, the child that is sitting in the bottom, that seat actually pops off and sits on top of the bassinet. What I don't like about this stroller is that it doesn't seem to have much storage space underneath, the child in the back can't see what's going out in front and most important it doesn't have a tray, which Gwen loves to have. She loves to sit up in the stroller and hold onto the tray. The second stroller which is not shown with the tray has the tray, but is hugely expensive and technically our car seat is not approved to fit in there. It is also a very light stroller, but would be a real pain to use in stores and what not, but I also know people with that stroller and it has TONS of storage space underneath. This actually stresses me out more than the fact that we don't have a name picked out, don't really know what we are going to do with this baby (as in where the child will live in the current TH) and that we haven't actually decided if we are going to buy a new car and/or look for a new house. Oh, and what we are going to do with Gwen when I am labor, we haven't figured that out either! Maybe I will be like Beth and have the baby at home (I am not really hoping for that, as I will most likely not have drugs, like last time, but I do like the idea of having Drs on hand if I need them)! The fire station is maybe 2 blocks from our house, so we wouldn't have to wait so long for the ambulance to arrive. If you get a chance go vote for Beth's birth story here. I wanted to participate in the contest, but unfortunately I never put together my birth story!
It seems that since Gwen took so long to get down for her nap it seems that we will not be picking up the camera today, which has finally arrived back at the store. Pictures and such non-wordy posts probably will conclude once the camera returns to our home. It is nice to get some of my rants out, since I know Eric is probably tired of listening to them. But I know how you enjoy the pictures and stories of Gwen.


Beth said...

That's awesome you had an unmedicated birth!!! I swear by them - I feel great right after birth and have heard horrid stories about how people felt with drugs...Thanks for the plug too!! We did not plan on the homebirth by the way!!! We were so fortunate that there were no complications!

As for the stroller - we bought a double stroller and I think we have used it once!! But we didn't do the exercise group thing. I actually enjoy "wearing" the babies while they are little. There are lots of different slings out there!!

Reasoning with a 1 1/2 year old - if you find a way, please get you a patent and you will make lots of money!! I'm still trying to figure that one out! Brooklyn has started laying herself out on the floor and pitching fits and she's only 16 months!!!! Oh what does the future hold for her attitude???

Good luck with all your stuff - you sound quite busy at the moment!


Melanie said...

I did enjoy the unmedicated birth, I think that Gwen was alot more alert because of the no drugs, but not everyone has the high tolerance and will power to not have drugs.
We walk with Gwen all the time, I actually did sling Gwen also, and plan on doing the same for the next one (but we can't sling during class and with a car, I don't have room for 2 strollers)! Gwen and I walk to the grocery store and I use the stroller for that. But, picking still stresses me out.
I am glad that the tantrums have not started with us, full force, Gwen does what I call preemptively crying.

Kalynne Pudner said...

Hey, War Eagle!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

When my second was born, we had a tandem (front and back seat) Graco double stroller that I took everywhere, as we only had one car and my husband's job was in another city. I would have descended into madness without it. So I'm a major stroller fan, and wish I had one long enough and big enough to hold all my kids today! (Well, maybe not the teenagers; that would put too much strain on my back.)

You cannot reason with an 18 month old, Melanie. Trust me: not only as a mom nine times over, but also as a professor of philosophy, which is essentially the study of reasoning. (Come to think of it, I have a post about reasoning with kids...I think it's called "The Doctor (of Philosophy) is IN: Reaching the Age of Reason. I'd link it, but I can't figure out how to do it in a comment box. I'm stupid that way.)

People will say all kinds of snarky things to mothers with babies. But a comment that amounts to "I wouldn't name one of my children what you've named yours," doesn't even deserve the description "snarky." The person who makes it is probably as impervious to reasoning as Gwen is right now.

Maddie makes 4 said...

Hey Mel,
So sad to hear you are not gonna make it Florida this winter. I was looking forward to meeting up with you at your mom's.
I have to commend you on your bravery in having drug free births. I had drugs with Nick (and things were so smooth, he was not groggy and I felt really good) and tried to have them with Madison but they wore off before I was pushing so I claim to have had her drug free. It was absolutely the hardest thing I have ever done. I wish I was braver and proud that the drugs wore off but truth be told I wanted another epidural! (I am total wimp I guess I dont get that from the Georgeson's since you are a Georgeson and quite brave :) I do admire mom's who have drug free births, I think it is commendable, I just do not fall into that category.
I also must comment on the "running away" I am so afraid that the kids will get hit by a car! We live at the end of a block so there is never any traffic but I fear that one car that is not paying attention and WHAM! I often wonder how us moms get thru life without a nervous breakdown!!!
Have a good weekend. We are having a little party for Maddie at the park on Sunday. I am hoping to see your mom I havent seen her in a while. Maddie is gonna be 4 on Tuesday!!! How did she get to be 4???