Friday, February 08, 2008


So, as I said in the last post, Gwen is not feeling well. After I gave her the Infant Motrin, I noticed she was moving around and off my lap! I took this opportunity to run upstairs and change my shirt. I came back downstairs to this!

As you can see, Gwen actually 'blew' her nose on each tissue before disgarding each tissue on the table. She does actually hold the tissue up to her nose and blow, she doesn't get the full concept of it, but she makes a sound with her nose when she blows and we cheer, 'cause as parents that is what we do! I think she gets the use the tissue once thing from her Dad, does anyone else do that, use the tissue once throw it away, grab another tissue and use it? I have always thought it was a little weird and wasteful not to use the tissue more than once in a sitting.
Gwen is currently napping, I expect the drugs will/may have already worn off, so we will see how she is feeling when she wakes up. I am hoping for a long nap that will give all the germies time to leave and allow her to be all better. I can dream! I guess this explains why she has been rather clingy to me, not Daddy, over the last couple of days. Poor kid! Have a great weekend!

PS I should mention that whenever she sneezes she points to a tissue box and often says 'tissue' and wants to dab her nose with the tissue, we of course have to go back over said area, but whatever, you have to learn sometime.

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Beth said...

How cute!! Bella loves to use tissues - she'll say "Mommie, tissue"....So pitiful sounding!

Gwen - we hope you get to feeling better!