Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Water babies wk4!

Oh my goodness, it is already Feb 5, and I haven't posted since Jan! Sorry about that. I have been not so busy, but apparently busy enough that I couldn't post. No pictures, just a bunch of word mumbo jumbo! Friday was a crappy weather day and Eric was home in time for lunch...short day in DC! We didn't do much, since the weather was so terrible, Gwen and I couldn't even go to class, we had not sleet, oh yes, frozen ice! Mommy, is not so good at not falling when she is not pregnant, so we didn't risk the fall factor/hurting Gwen when Mommy landed on her, accidentally of course. Saturday was a busy day for us, we went to breakfast with some families in the exercise group. Gwen was a little grumpy, but that didn't stop her from trying to lick the syrup off my very yummy French toast! Much to Daddy's dismay it also didn't stop her from trying to drinking the syrup from the little cups they gave us! Daddy was not happy! We went and looked at my dream car and I got some new workout clothes! I have no idea what we did Sun, oh wait, we watched the Super Bowl! Eric also finished the steps...at least as far as he could, we ran out of wood. Monday I apparently decided that the house was not clean enough, and have been cleaning like the house has never been cleaned!
So today, is water babies and I wish I could pictures of how much Gwen enjoyed class today. At one point she pushed my arm out of the way so she could dunk her face back in the water...she was totally secured with the other hand. I totally got my workout today, we do a song where "the people in the pool go up and down" which requires us to bob them up and down in the water, she loved it so much she kept saying up-up, Mommy can only lift Gwen out of the water so much before her pregnant body screams NO! She kicked and giggled and smiled and spent a lot of time with her mouth OPEN in the water! Fortunately she has learned how to cough the water back out if she swallows it. Such a change. We, my friend who is in the class with me, wonders if Gwen will actually let the instructor touch her and swim around with her. We haven't had much interaction with the instructor, well I have, but Gwen seems to be unsure of her and curls up into me. I do think that Gwen will get most improved, if we have that as a category. Gwen talked so much today in class, I couldn't believe how chatty she has been all day, she is not usually so vocal outside of the house, my friends' husband is convinced she was saying his name today, while he watched them while we changed clothes. It is nice to have an extra set of hands. So, now off to write up the grocery list, Gwen is taking another long nap probably because of all the fun this morning. Hard work playing in the cold water while Mommy drags you around the pool and stuff!

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Beth said...

I have been reading the blog this week - just not commenting!

Way to go, Gwen!! It sounds like you did great at Water Babies this week! Keep up the good work!