Thursday, January 31, 2008

The mimic

For a while I have been meaning to post about the funny things that Gwen does, but the time I get to the computer, I forget everything...well, the important funny things. Sometimes the funny things don't really translate unless you have a picture. Yesterday Eric snapped this picture of the little mimic. I sometimes get a little bored during diner, I am done pretty quickly and then I have to wait on Gwen to finish, sometimes I can't handle it and just rest my head on my hand while I wait for Gwen to finish. She often mimics me.
When Gwen gets hungry she lets me know, by taking me by the hand walking me into the kitchen and then climbing up on her high chair. Crazy!
Last night we had spaghetti sauce, peas and apple crisp. Gwen still won't touch the peas, tried the spaghetti sauce, ate up the apple crisp and after Daddy came home we ate some of the wagon wheels. Our first attempt at pasta, we are going to have spaghetti again tonight, what the heck! This has made my life much easier and even though Gwen might still sign for cereal and even say it, I don't care, now I just figure out what to try next. I don't think Gwen is really into caseroles, or any foods that are combined at this point.

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