Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Water babies wk5!

I know you have been anxiously awaiting the water babies week5 update! We had another very exciting day. Today we unwillingly swam with the instructor, but we went to her and cried, but then Michelle and I made a big fuss that she did it and Gwen gave her a high five. Progress? Katie and I also spoke to Michelle about the next session and she thinks that we could put both the girls in the next group up, where she could potentially learn to be in the water without me having to get wet! Can I get an Alleluia! I really like Michelle, she calls Gwen 'amazing'. I haven't heard her it say that to anyone else, but needless to say if she said through Gwen in the pool, I'll take care of her, I know she would!
This weekend we went to the car show. Gwen really wasn't 100% yet, but we thought we would chance it. She was remarkably good, for someone who wasn't feeling good the day before. She did have an obsession with Mommy, only Mommy could look at her and talk to her and touch her. NO Daddy! I guess that is how we can test if Gwen is not feeling well, lots of Mommy time, ignoring Daddy=sick! Twas a little hard on me, but we survived. Gwen would walk up to the cars and say car, or door and then you would have to open the door let her in and then she would say door and you would have to shut the door and then she would smile at you and knock on the window and such.

In case you are wondering how tall Gwen is, here is a comparison shot, next time you look at a Escalde, think, Gwen as tall as the wheel!
Here are some pictures from yesterday.

I had some ladies over last night so we could work on some baby books, so I made some Brownies, yum! Here is Gwen eating the icing...I did not give her any of the batter, no raw eggs, I have assured Eric I would not give raw eggs until she was at least 3! I think he was hoping with never, but what can I say, who doesn't like licking the batter!
Oh and I almost forgot to mention, today we tried baked ziti...the noodles and the sauce! I am so proud! I haven't decided if I should make a big fuss over the trying stuff, or just pretend like that is what is expected and give her more. So far I am taking the pretend road and not making a big fuss.


Pocklock said...

Hi! Found you through a Blog Surfing exercise and from A is for Aardvark. I'm also pregnant, just 13 weeks. Gwen's a cutie!

Melanie said...

I am embarrassed to say I lurked over at your site a little while ago. Congrats on the pregnancy, good luck! Don't start wearing maternity clothes too soon, you will get tired of them, esp if you are unlucky like me and you go past your due date!

Beth said...

You guys are funny!! I got so tired of maternity clothes - especially given I was pregnant for two years since our girls are only 15 months apart!