Sunday, February 10, 2008

19 months

Wow, on our way to 2! I can't deny it now, Gwen is going to be 2 in less than 6 months, should I start planning her party now? I mean we are going to be slightly busy come June/July. Anyhoo, my faithful readers, what has Gwen done in the last month. First let me say, we think she is feeling much better, she is still rather whiny, but no fever and she really isn't eating, but she runs around and wants to hang out with Daddy. Apparently when she is not feeling well, she only wants to hang with me. You can see from this picture, she is anxiously awaiting Daddy's return from the garage, and not necessarily happy about it.
This month we have seen vast improvements in language and understanding. Gwen will repeat the last word you just said to her. Poor kid though, we had to pick one of the toughest names for her to try and say. Which, she doesn't say yet, but I am not convinenced that is because she can't.
When she sees someone she knows she smiles bends down and says Hi! She gets very excited but we are still very lerry of strangers, it takes a lot of time to warm up to people. I am going to try and work on that with her, I have a book about it.
Eating has still been a challenge, but she is doing much better than I expected, she is still stubborn about trying things, but we know she will eventually try stuff and like it, as she now eats a lot of yogurt and drinks chocolate milk!
Reading books is still Gwen's favorite thing by far, she will always hand you a book and demands a book when we get into the car. She likes when we read her books and she loves to point at books and tell us what is going on. As she gets more and more vocal I look forward to her really being able to tell us what is going on!
Gwen has become more loving to other kids, still no concept that she will have a sibling, but she loves to go over and look at the babies, points them out and several of them she tries to give hugs to! One of the little girls already has a big sister, so she knows how to defend herself, i.e. hair pulling, but Gwen doesn't care she keeps hugging her. I worry that I am going to have to monitor her because she might go "Lennie" on them and squeeze too hard!
Some of the ladies are starting to look into pre-schools and some of them require that you already put in applications, Eric and I have not even talked about it, and since she won't be going for another 1.5yr, should I already start looking? UGH!

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