Friday, February 22, 2008


I have this theory that there are some children out there who can climb and some who can not. Beth's kids are climbers she has several posts involving the girls on sofas and such. Not our Gwen! I never worry that Gwen is going to climb out of the crib, climb on the sofa, or coffee table or anything else for that matter, because her brain is not wired that way. One of my girlfriends from SS just sit back and laugh because we don't have to worry about our kids climbing up and walking on the chairs in the play area, they try but they just can't. For the last several weeks, possibly months Gwen has an obsession with doing this.

It was kind of funny because we went out to dinner with some friends a couple weeks ago, actually probably more like a month and a half and Gwen "climbed"-more like pulled herself up with her arms, onto the bottom shelf of a metro rack, do you know what I mean, those metal shelves, and then she put her feet up in the air like the above picture. Eric is like, what is she doing...I said she is flying, at least that is what I call it, the closest, my child is going to ever get to climbing. She can crawl up the stairs with the best of them and if something is a relatively short distance off the ground she can climb up it, but chairs and sofas are something she can totally not get onto by herself! (these pictures were taken on Tuesday)
We were "wintry-mixed-in" today, the kids have off of school, I didn't have my exercise group and the canceled MNO! :( But, we did make it to baby #2 Dr appt today, we taped the heartbeat, cause we are dorks, and that is what we do. Everything looks good and I have the dreaded glucose test in 3 weeks, you know where then make you drink that non-carbonated tasting orange soda and sit in the waiting room for an hour while you try not to pass out from the sugar high! UGH!


Aardvark said...

I love that my doctor doesn't make you drink that crap. He says you have to get 50 grams of sugar...from a CANDY BAR and COKE!!!

Beth said...

Yes, my children are climbers! I thought Bella was bad until Brooklyn came along!! However, on a positive note, Brooklyn does not try to climb out of her crib and thus we will be keeping her in the crib as long as possible (Bella slept great until we moved her to her toddler bed and then we started with her getting into our bed at night, fighting bedtime, etc)...

Glad Gwen is starting to climb!!!

Beth said...

HAHA - had another post about climbing and thought of Miss Gwen. More Climbing.

p.s. - am trying to post a link in this comment - hope it works!