Monday, February 18, 2008

First haircut

Yesterday we went and got Gwen's hair cut for the first time. Now you can see how she reacts when she encounters something new! This is much the same reaction she had when we went to swim class for the first time, except she was curled up on me, which is obviously getting harder to do!

Here is the damage!
I think Eric was worried we would be chopping all her hair off, but he agrees that she actually looks so much better now, her hair still curls in the back and doesn't look so straggly and looks fuller. We went to the girl that went cuts my hair she does it in her unfinished basement. She is due in 5 weeks! I feel about 10 inches bigger than her around my waist, but some people are blessed carrying their babies better than I do, she complains that the baby is low, and I think I carry pretty high.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness!!! Gwen - you look just beautiful with your new haircut!! Brannon keeps saying that we need to get Bella's cut....He's probably right but I just can't bring myself to cut it yet!

Aardvark said...

I was trying to figure out where you were...then i read the basement.

Scout will be 20 before she needs a haircut...

Melanie said...

Beth-I had a hard time also, but finally succombed, Gwen's hair is much worse than Bella's. She looked so terrible, at least looking back I realize she did!
Ra-are you hoping Penelope has more hair? If you put my baby pictures next to Scout, you probably couldn't tell us apart, and I hear that Eric had no hair also, we have no idea where Gwen gets it from, if she didn't look so much like him in the beginning, Eric would question her parentage!

Dawn Nolan said...

Hi Melanie,
I so did not want to cut Eddie's hair--he had great curls in the back, which are no more. He had his third haircut yesterday and I'm certain what was swept up was more than what you had bagged for Gwen! And although I would never guess that your friend was almost due, I think you look great!

Amy said...

Hi Mel....Gwen is such a cutie! What a big day for you both! I looked like I was carrying a whale.....No joke! You look great! I know I owe you an email...I promise to get to that soon....and update you on life. :o)

Melanie said...

ya'all can't tell how big I am cause I am sitting down and Gwen is unsuccessfully trying to crush her sib! Dawn-when are you going to send out pictures of Eddie, I have seen pics of Maggie, no Eddie! :( I hope you are not waiting until the next one is due, I don't have 4 more months of patience.
Amy-I was just thinking about you today, how bizarre, in a good way! :)