Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V'day

We hope you have a wonderful Valentine's day. Things are fine here, relatively speaking, Gwen and I were able to get out today, since we had a sheet of ice covering everything yesterday, I think about 1/2in. So needless to say, pregnant clumsy one did not leave the house! The blog might be rather boring for a while, Gwen and I had to drop off the laptop and the camera this morning. The laptop has been randomly shutting down and then not powering up and the camera, although not broken like before, the battery holder thing broke off, who knows if they will fix it, but if they call me and try to say no, they will have the wrath of a very angry pregnant woman! They said we should expect to be without the laptop for 2-4 weeks! Is anyone as upset about that as I am? Probably not! So we hope that you have a great day, we hope that all your electronics are working as expected, oh and Mom, that doesn't mean that we aren't going out to get the webcam, maybe we will call tonight!


Beth said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you!!! That is terrible about the laptop and camera. I hope you have another way to keep us up-to-date!!!

Melanie said...

I can still use the old camera, which is terrible on battery, basically have to keep it plugged into the wall to use, helpful with a 1.5yr old. Also can use the desktop to blog, but hooked up to TV so doesn't allow for much multitasking!

Beth said... still have to keep us up-to-date on Miss Gwen!!! And you too, of course!