Wednesday, September 10, 2008

26 months

Today Gwen is 26 months. The official word from the U house is she is a nutso! Ok, not the official word and she is not so nutso, just kind of whiny and I am thinking overtired, because she is still sleepy from the trip, and maybe a little hungry. But we won't go into that now. Can I say 2 is a very interesting age. The age of whininess, Eric and I can't really handle it; we hate it and it makes us crazy. I just had to get that out of the way so I can talk about all of the great things about Gwen being 2. She is so chatty, it is hilarious. In the previous picture she told us she was going outside and put on her shoes to prove it! She will explain to us about everything we see or hear and she apparently doesn't mind telling everyone we see what she sees also. We were at the car shop this morning and she talked to some random man about the cars that were passing by. She also stopped an elderly couple to tell them that "Gwen hug Grandmom come on home". I should have never told her Terry was coming, but at least now she doesn't only say "Gwen hug Daddy come on work". I told her Grandmom was going to come on an airplane to see her and Daddy was going to pick her up. Gwen then explained to me she was going to pick Grandmom up off the airplane. It is funny how much she retains and understand. I do think if I had the time I could post a Gwen story that makes us laugh, which is good, because we need something to think about when she is whiny!

At this point Gwen loves to share and help around the house. It is a nice change around here; finally I don't have to clean up after her! It is so fun that Gwen loves to help us do chores, one day I foresee less work for us adults! Gwen seems to have a real compassionate side that wants to help. I am glad to see that she still really loves her brother. She wants to hug him and hold him. I know this will change the more he starts pulling her hair and taking her stuff, but for now she tries to help me.

I don't know what new she really has done in the last month, it almost seems like everything she is doing she has done forever. She definitely knows what she wants and you can't talk her into something else my Mom calls it strong-willed, I call it stubborn.
Gwen is chatting so much, but you really have to pay attention because if you don't catch it, she won't repeat it. I am working on conversing with her, she is really good at conversing with me, but she doesn't often converse well with anyone else. I expect that is because she is 2 and still learning, but I am encouraged that she is actually trying to talk to people in public, I imagine that now that she is getting more confident in her speaking abilities she doesn't mind talking to people. But I must ask, who doesn't talk to a 2 year old when they talk to them. Seriously, who doesn't talk to a 2 year old when someone as charming as Gwen is trying to talk to you. I mean help me out people!

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