Sunday, September 07, 2008


This is a super long post, sorry about that, but I had to do it this way, for my sanity!
So our week last week when we were on vacation was hectic! We arrived into FL unscathed, as I previously reported. We went from the airport to my Grandfathers place. This picture cracks me up. To me it looks like they are both talking to each other out of the size of their mouths.
Then we checked into our hotel, which had the best kid's pool, Gwen loved it and I snapped tons of pictures, so I put them in a slideshow. Oh, we had the foresight to put her in a swim diaper, but not to find her a bathing suit! And, she went down that slide that was super FAST and if you look closely you can see where it scrapped her back. OOPS! She didn't go down it again, but she so wanted to!
The next day was the big wedding, after more playing at the pool.Here's a picture of Nate at the pool! Poor kid, he did take a nap and then woke up. Apparently someone snapped some shots before he started screaming...Thanks Mom!
Gwen and Grandpa really bonded as you can see by the following set of pictures. Grandpa would offer Gwen his finger and she would take it and walk around. Grandpa would try to teach her phrases like "old grandma" and "granny". Gwen still asks when she is going to visit "Grandpa Dziadzia"(Polish for Grandpa, sounds like ja-ja).

Then we went to the reception and finally the dancing of the children began, you know when all the kids start dancing to the music 'cause the music moves them and they don't care who sees them! Gwen wanted to be involved, she stood on the periphery until Kayla took her by the hand, we don't have any pictures of that but we do have her dancing with kids we don't know!
The next evening was Great Ant & Uncle's 60th anniversary wedding dinner. By this point Gwen was exhausted and kept talking about her baby that she wanted to hug. As seen in the following picture. Kayla wanted to hold Nate so badly, so finally right before we left, he was full and happy, so I let her hold him. (I held onto his hand, 'cause I am a little leery of his ability to sit still and not take Kayla by surprise!)
Interesting side note, we drove back to Mom's house that night after her bedtime and she talked NON-STOP. Mom said that is what I used to do!
Finally we arrived in FMY! (it should be duly noted that my Mother left on time! No coaxing we are all proud! Hi Mom!) The next day Dave and Suzie came for a visit.
The next day Laura and Kaelyn came to visit. Kaelyn wasn't quite sure what to do with that strange girl in Kathy's house, but she kind of warmed up to Gwen, at this point Gwen was still sleep deprived and would talk to anyone. Who knew, that sleep deprivation actually makes her talkative and not so shy!
The next Cecile came over to visit. Eric, Gwen and I were in the pool. Gwen showed off her counting skills she would count Eric to 5 and then he would slide down the slide and squeal! After Cecile left we asked Gwen what she would like for dinner she said 1,2,3,4,5 cookies and counted them on her fingers all while being super charming...we didn't know she could count on her fingers but she certainly knows how to turn on the charm for a treat!
I don't know what we were laughing about, but something was funny...I am pretty sure it was Eric, but I can't remember why. Mom prefers to hold children in her lap like that, so we had to have a picture of her and Nate, why Eric thought I should be in the picture also, I don't know!
Another weird photo from the same night!
Another picture of Gwen and Maddie from our last evening in FL.

No pictures from the plane ride home. We flew during nap time and for some reason, although we were sitting in the same row, we were not next to each other...and none of the airline staff cared. It ended up not being a huge problem, but like I suspected Gwen wanted to sit next to me and then Eric and then me and then stand in the aisle and jump! We were all tired by the end of that trip and Eric announced no more flying during nap times! I think that is a fabulous idea, but life doesn't always work out that way!
So, finally done with all the pictures from the vacation. I still have a LOT of catching up to do and Terry arrives on Friday, plus I have a new addiction Facebook! Why did I sign on to that and I seriously don't have time for blogging facebook and the stuff I need to accomplish by the end of the week! UGH! I have some cute photos I need to post from this weekend, so I will try to get to that and Nate will be 3 months on TH!!!! Well, Gwen is really irritated now, nap time is over but I had to finish this!

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